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What Didn't Work

There were things that I had to let go of this year because they didn't work for me in the season that I am in. Our family is in a time of transition. My husband started a new career path as a Dean of Students. He is a natural in this role and I'm enjoying watching excel in this new area. I'm entering my second semester of my doctorate. Our youngest son is a junior and staying busy with work, school and wrestling. He has goals of wrestling in college and junior year is a busy year for that process. Our oldest two are setting out into the world. Our son is moving to a different state and going to be attending online school working towards becoming a History Teacher. Our daughter is heading off to college this week.

Needless to say, it's a hectic season for our family and I needed to reflect on things that work and don't work for me right now. This is hard for me because I tend to be a goal driven, workaholic type person who goes all in head first to whatever I am doing. I never want to disappoint people and I like to be available 24-7. I'm learning though that self care has to be priority and it's okay to put your own oxygen mask on first. So here are three areas that I am working on this school year.

Rest....I gave myself permission to not work on the weekend prior and the last two days of summer break. I needed to completely disconnect from school and be present at home and focus on relaxing and resting. I am a workaholic. I love my job and my personality is not one that likes to ever pause so this was challenging but so necessary. I am giving myself permission to take a day off or gasp....the entire weekend!

Boundaries.....I struggle with wanting to be available to my parents and co-workers at all times. It's not uncommon for me to respond to a Remind message, text or email at 10pm. As much as I love being helpful, I realized that it was draining me. I forced myself to set boundaries and limit times I am available. This is challenging and something I am working on daily, but the mental clarity and peace this is bringing is amazing!

Dream....I don't allow myself to dream for myself. I talk myself out of things because if I'm honest, I'm insecure in my own abilities. This year, I've decided to work on letting that go and dream again. It's scary because the dreams stirring in my heart are completely out of my comfort zone but yet they feel like it's a step in the right direction. So this year, I am focusing on personal growth and allowing those dreams to form and making plans to fulfill them. It's definitely a process but I am working towards not letting my insecurities stop my dreams.

Self reflection is not easy and it often requires a willingness to change. So, I challenge you to take a few minutes this week and ask yourself what isn't working for you right now. Then decide if you're willing to change in order to gain something else. Perhaps it's peace or true rest or like me permission to dream.

Rest allows us to rejuvenate our spirits and ignite flames of dreams that inspire others.



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