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Unlocking the Door to Success: Preparing for an Extraordinary New School Year!

As summer begins to wind down, our thoughts turn to preparing for the next school year. I don't know if you're the type of teacher who spends their summer relaxing poolside not thinking about school until August or if you're one of those teachers who plan and prep for the upcoming year throughout the summer. There is no right answer and every teacher has to find a balance that works for them. Personally, I'm a mix of both. I love spending my summer creating things to make my life in the classroom easier but I'm usually doing this while sitting by the pool.

I love the idea of a fresh start and the excitement that starting a new year brings. I dread the end of summer but I also look forward to the renewal and sense of purpose and routine the school year brings.

Before I rush back into the classroom, I like to enjoy summer by recharging, reflecting, and preparing for the upcoming school year. I engage in strategic activities during my downtime to help set myself up for a smoother and more successful fall. In this post, I want to share five practical things I do during the summer to make my upcoming school year both easier and more enjoyable.

1. Reflect and Refine

I spend time thinking back over the previous school year. In my planner, I make notes of what worked, what didn't work, and things I would like to change. I make notes throughout the year so those always prove to be helpful too. I think about things that I can improve on and I reflect on concepts my students struggled through. I believe as teachers we should always be learning so I think of new ways to teach challenging concepts. As a teacher content creator, that often looks like creating new resources. If creating isn't your style, search Teachers Pay Teachers and find valuable resources that can help. I find that by taking time to reflect now, I save myself headaches later in the year.

2. Professional Development

As I mentioned above, teachers are always learning. I am always looking for professional development courses that I can take to help add more tools to my teacher toolbox. There are so many wonderful courses out there both free and paid that help me be a better teacher and summer is the perfect time!

3. Collaborate and Connect

I enjoy having lunch with our 2nd grade team and spending time dreaming up ideas and discussing the upcoming school year. I also enjoy meeting new teachers and collaborating with them. I look for teacher groups on social media and build a network of like-minded teachers with fantastic ideas to share.

4. Organize and Declutter

I can not function in a cluttered space. I like to spend a few hours getting rid of resources that are outdated and not going to help my students learn. Our classrooms have limited space, so why take up any of that precious space with unused items? We all know teacher work week is busy and chaotic and there's no time to declutter so I have found by allotting a small amount of time in the summer, it pays off in the fall.

5. Rest and Recharge

Prioritize your hobbies and passions. Find what brings you joy and do it. Spend time with loved ones and friends and prioritize self-care. Build a strong support system to lean on when the days are hard and challenging. Create lasting memories and rejuvenate your spirit.

Embracing these practical strategies during summer break can help lay a solid foundation for a more fulfilling school year. Reflect on your teaching practices, invest in professional development, collaborate with fellow educators, get organized and prioritize self-care. These five steps will help make the quickly approaching academic journey easier and more rewarding this upcoming school year. A little preparation and self-care now will go a long way in ensuring a successful year ahead.

Rest and Recharge!

Charity "Mrs. Simpson's Sweeties"



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