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Tips for a Successful Open House

Open house.... the culmination of all your hard work. Students are buzzing with excitement. Parents are looking forward to meeting their child's teacher. Your former students are stopping by for hugs and high-fives. That back-to-school excitement is in the air mixed with a bit of chaos with everyone needing your attention all at once.

As teachers, this day is the gateway to sharing our passion that fuels what we do. It's our first chance to paint a picture for parents showcasing the exciting year their child is about to undertake. Open house is a chance for parents to meet the people who will create exciting learning opportunities for their children. As teachers, our enthusiasm helps reassure parents that their child is in excellent hands. This begins the laying of a foundation for a strong partnership, fostering a supportive learning environment.

There are three main things that I think we as teachers can do to ensure a successful open house.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere: You set the tone by creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Greet everyone with a smile. Make everyone feel comfortable.

Provide Clear Communication: Provide parents with clear and precise information outlining your classroom expectations. I like to provide this information in a folder for parents to take home. I include a checklist that I ask parents to sign and return stating that they understand the expectations.

Personalize Interactions: Make an effort to connect with every parent and student who steps through your door. Try to recognize the students and call them by name. Show that you take an interest in them.

Embrace the excitement and celebrate the love of learning. All too soon, the excitement fades. Try to be intentional to slow down, and enjoy the moment. Education is a journey and excitement and curiosity fuel the learning environment. Let the excitement begin!

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