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Slice of Fun-Pizza Themed Book Tasting Day

Hey, fellow teachers! Picture this: a day where learning is as delightful as a slice of pizza. That's exactly what happened in my 2nd-grade class when I organized a pizza-themed book tasting extravaganza.

We explored six different genres - mystery, biography, informational, fairy tale, fiction, and non-fiction - rotating through each like a pizza buffet. With every book, we honed various skills, from unraveling mysteries and understanding biographies to diving into the facts of informational texts. Fairy tales took us on magical journeys, fiction ignited our creativity, and non-fiction served a feast of facts. The day was a blend of laughter, exploration, and excitement for books, turning our classroom into a literary pizzeria.

To make things over the top, I added a few fun elements like pizza boxes, checkered tablecloths and cracker bread sticks. I greeted them at the door and called them by name, "Simpson, party of 3" etc.... and had our "Hostess" take them to their tables and present them with their menus. They had so much fun and the giggles and laughs melted my heart. I am a huge fan of harnessing the power of a child's imagination.

Best part of all, it took literally 15 minutes to transform my room from classroom to Italian restaurant. I was lucky enough to get 6 parents to volunteer so I simply had to facilitate and set the timer and tell them when it was time to rotate. I was able to grade papers and get caught up for a few minutes while my students were engaged in the activities.

You can find the product I created for my students in my store or on my TPT storefront. Give it a try! I promise your kids will love it!



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